LUXGEN is a luxury car brand founded in 2008 by Taiwan's Yulon Corporation. Founded in 1949, Yulon Group's main business is research, development and production of automobiles, textiles, information technology and research, development, production of high technology products, Yulon Group's car manufacturing business started in 1953 and has grown steadily over time to become a major auto manufacturer. Most Taiwanese factories in Taiwan, mainland China and the Philippines have supplied the domestic market with over 2 million high quality vehicles, produced in partnership with Nissan, Mitsubishi, GM, Chrysler. , Mercedes Benz and some other brands.

The LUXGEN brand was founded to bring together the advances of the automotive industry and the top achievements of the information technology industry to create new generation products of the future, smart cars. And environmentally friendly. "IT + AUTO + ET" (Information Technology + Car Technology + Environmentally friendly Technology) is the message that LUXGEN wants to send to everyone and is different from LUXGEN, expressing the utmost Strong research and development of Taiwan in the world market.

The LUXGEN is the first smart car to use a human-centered design to meet the present and future needs of the user. LUXGEN, an entirely new brand, redefines the world view of cars and helps identify the global trends of the automobile industry.

LUXGEN is not only aiming at producing superior cars in terms of performance, quality and safety, but also for the dynamic, satisfying, comfortable and great experience for the driver.

LUXGEN is a combination of two elements: LUXURY (Luxury) and GENIUS (Smart). This is evident through the refined design, luxury of the interior and exterior of the LUXGEN car models, along with a series of intelligent functions, providing maximum comfort for people. again. LUXGEN always pay attention to the smallest details to bring the feeling of concern and respect for customers.