Arman Motor Kavir is a subsidiary of the Machinery and Automotive sector of MIG holding that has been luminous in its field of operations, the storage and logistics sector of the workshop and factories.

Arman Motor Kavir has been able to take over Taiwan's Thai lift (Forklift), CT Power, XILIN storage equipment and FORWAY mini-loaders for over a number of years, and has recently been awarded a contract with Linde Material Handling in the forklift field (Forklift and Machine) The logistics warehouse has been registered by separating its legal field, Linde Material Handling company from Germany registered at Axon Arina car, and after entering the activity in sales and after-sales service of cars, the machinery sector is from the legal system of MIG holding ration The Arman Motor Kavir is out of forklift scope and professionally continue its activity after taking the view The exclusive and official offering of the LUXGEN Automobile company in Taiwan has put its brand on his business scope.

In this way, with the efforts of its senior executives and its capable personnel, it is determined to gain brilliance and kindness, as well as its past activities, in the new field of business